~Serene Sanctum Salt Soak~

~Stylize thy Soulful Space into a Sanctified Serene Escape~

There exists an omniscient sanctum within

Herein all qualms, yee resolutely transcend

As every edifying sentiment yee sincerely befriend

Sincere soulful inquisitions, suspended deep within

Subsequently acquiring the solution to the quandary therein

Inspirited by the intuitive insights for which yee inter-depend

Beholden by the gracious guidance that thy higher-most being doth lend

With the ever-presence of innermost preeminence yee henceforth blend

Evermore evincing that in which yee earnestly intend

From sanctified genesis to reflective end

~Serene Sanctum Salt Soak~

Everlastingly Soothe thy Exquisite Essence, Transmute Stifled Stiffness and Innermost Inflammation, all whilst Transforming thy Soulful Space into a Sanctified Serene Escape with an Enticingly Tranquil Trilogy of; Invigorating Tea Tree, Healing Eucalyptus-Hemp Infusion and Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Epsom Salt Extracts.


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