~Self Love for the Selfless~


Before you may exist amid the realms of purely unadulterated luminous love, you must be willing to surrender to the reality of your brokenness. Knowing that your brokenness is beautiful, for these cracks in consciousness exist as indelible scars, evidentiary of the human condition. A plight that we all share, fractured by our experiences, all so that we may integrate into the most authentically whole expression of our selves. You are not alone, in this, in fact you are stronger than you know, for being able to not only face your own darkness but hold it tenderly with non-judgement.

You are a warrior of the spirit for being able to find value in unveiling your vulnerabilities. And it is this same unveiling that allows for boundless light to shine through the cracks. Once you, become; aware, accept, and embrace these precious aspects of self, you initiate the healing process, which serves as a catalyst for clearing the caverns of your soul. And those hidden parts of you that once invisibly held you down, begin to hold you up, shifting the darkness within the brokenness to illumination that shines through the luminescence of your soul. A timeless transfiguration, and indeed a breathtaking beauty to behold.




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~Serene Seraphim

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Siren of your Soul

Siren of your soul,

Weightlessly swimming through the caverns of your heart

Suspended in limitless layers of liquid gold

Tenderly treading ever so sensuously slow

Allowing for the flow, to naturally unfold

as we unveil everlasting truths untold


Siren of your soul,

Precious pieces once unknown, unequivocally exposed

What a brilliant bounty to behold,

Evermore nestled in my hands, to have and to hold

Seeping through to the core of me like liquid gold

the molten libation of this love breaks the mold

Access to her is remote, yet felt ever so close,

Sensing your souls echo even from the murky depths below

amid the raging rapture of life, she exists as the sole reason you remain afloat


Siren of your soul,

from the abyss of the ocean deep

through the crevices of you, the essence of me seeps

I have arisen to console your weary soul when inconsolably weak

Absorbing the ceaseless sea of tears that coarse down your carefully chiseled cheeks

Breathing life unto your bones, resuscitating your very being

Timelessly transmuting floods of fractures unto a masterful masterpiece

Feeling deeply far beyond that which the eyes perceive,

knowing precisely what you need, instinctively

I see you, just as I see me, for I am you, you are me, we are we, essentially

Existing as, One, indefinitely

Siren of your Soul,

call upon me, sub-verbally, if ever, you need to receive me

~Serene Seraphim

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Omniscient Reflectivity: The Vantage of Evanescent Neutrality

~Emptiness is to wholeness, as something is to nothing ,and therefore you are everything ~

This etheric vessel is but a reflection of everything and nothing at the same time

The embodiment of the essence of life that cannot be confined, the quintessence of sublime

Slipping through unbounded life times, with each incarnation reverently refined

A recycled stream of eternal energy, viewing from the very vantage of the divine

a higher perspective gained each time, an expansion of the heart soul and the mind


you are something even when you feel like nothing, for you are wholeness made manifest in this exact moment in time

For within the very existence of nothing, something is implied,

and therefore, you are everything, you simply cannot be defined,

you are that precious point in the middle, where everything coincides

a vantage of omniscience, evermore all-wise

My Dearest,

There lies a reflection of you in the beloveds eyes,

An omnipresent ancestry line, realized in this moment in time

Here you rest and abide, in existence to evoke for the soul of the world to shine

A mirror image of everything and nothing all at the same time

A glimmer of luminosity that is undoubtedly undying

Each scene passes through the soul of me with an heir of ephemerality

With each shadowy passage, a piece of my insides proceeds in shattering

Timeless spirit of mines proceeds in expansively unraveling

Quantum leaps through improbable portals of existence, consciousness time traveling

Seeing substance in the transient shadows of this harmoniously cacophonic reality

Suspended in an omniscient symphony amid the delusion of duality

 where all is in actuality an evanescent neutrality


~Serene Seraphim

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Seeking Serenity? Unlocking the Keys to Living an Inspired Life, Paved with; Peace, Positivity & the Promise of Infinite Possibilities

How often do we allow for the worries of yesterday and the troubles of tomorrow to consume our conscious mind, to the point that we ultimately are seemingly oblivious to the existence of this present moment in time? This tireless tug of war can go on for days leaving you dispirited and dismayed. Before we know it, we feel claustrophobic, cornered, confined from the ever-liberating splendor of the power that lies in the present moment ,that is yours and mines. For as the saying goes, “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, and Today is a Gift, that’s why it’s called the Present.”.

With this in mind, we come to realize that it is our thoughts and inherent intentions that shapes our future and our past, we come to cherish the present as a gift, where life’s little treasures may be found, scattered all around. For, ultimately we are the co- creators of our own destiny, and it is in the present moment where the keys to living an inspired life, paved with, peace and positivity may be found.

Be Present– Being grounded in the present moment will allow for the manifestation of more brain space, to arise, causing anxiety and regret to subside. For when you allow for your hearts intentions to be your guide, you let go and relinquish control, leaving it up to the universe to decide, thus, making room for an overflow of; peace, clarity, and serenity to be maximized. Lending to a more conscious effort to focusing on manifesting a day that is filled with purpose and promise, where in which you may thrive.

  1. Clear your Conscious mind of Clutter: Clear your conscious mind, I know that this may sound easy, but it takes time. For we must train our mind by concentrating on one thing at a time. It would be helpful to focus on a single thing, such as the depth of your breath or repeating a single word or mantra. When we focus on a single point, we rid our conscious mind of clutter, so that we may tap into our subconscious mind, where we are covered in clarity, so that we are more open to see; miracles, wonders, and signs.
  2. Be Marvelously Mindful: In the words of Rumi, “Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent. Don’t grieve, for everything that you lose comes around in another form.” In other words, become a silent observer to that which occurs around you and in the depths, inside of you, but try not to claim them as a part of your existence, but instead appreciate the transiently astounding artistry as it moves through the soul of you. For there is solace in knowing that your divine destiny awaits you.
  3. Transcend the Bounds of time with: LOVE: From the awe inspiring movie, Interstellar, “Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.” For the power of love is immensely profound, it can stop time and allow for joy to expound. When we do things that we love we can’t help but be grounded in the present, for it is all consuming, soul shaking, miraculously moving, yet oh so heartwarming and soothing. Doing things that we love fills our heart space up with love, allowing for an overflow to be radiated to the world around us, uplifting and so amazingly astounding us.
  4. Live Inspired: Living an inspired life is essential to tapping into our innate capacity to experience nirvana. For when we are inspired we are enlivened, consumed by an internal fire that allows for us to transcend higher and higher. For when we tap into that which inspires us, we unlock the key to infinite possibilities, the manifestation of our wildest dreams, for reality is not actually what it seems. When we live inspired, we feel incessantly powerful because we come to realize that we harness the power to inspire others in the process. As such, try to live by the following mantra:                                                ~Aspire to Inspire before you Expire~

Power of Positively Pontificating: There is a profound sense of power in pontificating positively. For positivity is the key to unlocking an increasingly more positive reality. For transforming ones thoughts will ultimately transform ones reality into one that is sprinkled with; bliss, joviality and glee. We must live our lives as eternal optimist, perceiving the glass, that is our life, as hall full rather than half empty colors your life with wonderment and whimsy.

  1. Paint your World with Positively Peaceful Words: In the words of Tesla, “If you wish to understand the universe, think of; energy, frequency and vibration.” Words are essentially vibrations, when we hear a word we not only hear it, but we feel it, we soak in the very essence of its meaning. For when we utilize a positive word we invoke a spark of positivity within ourselves, we tap into that felicitous frequency. The beauty of it is, the more positive words that we use the more that we can uplift our vibration in a positive direction. And even more astounding, when we utilize positive words to communicate with others, we are able to sprinkle a little positivity into their world and before we know it, we have caused a positive shift in the collective consciousness that colors our universe.
  1. Practice Shifting your thoughts in a positive Direction: A typical day is filled with thousands of thoughts, negative thoughts can serve to be draining, while positive thoughts serve to re-energize our frame of mind. Overshadowing the negative weeds in our minds garden with a showering of positive thoughts can serve to make our glorious garden; bloom, blossom, and grow, for it is all about the seeds that we sow. So practice sewing positive seeds and you will notice that the light shining from our sun above will more easily reach the ground below, giving us that special glow.
  1. Astounding Affirmations: Affirmations are like an ambrosia of vivaciously vibratory words all carefully placed together with a purpose to serve. These ever so congruently charming concoctions serves as a reminder to affirm all that which you are and all that which you have the potential to become. For our brains are miraculously malleable, with the capability to shift our minds view of what makes you, you. If we practice and consistently repeat these affirmations we shall; tap into, internalize, and come to realize that all that we seek lies within. For affirmations are the fondest of friends, so keep each one close to your heart and you and your divine destiny shall never be torn apart.

Gravitate Towards Gratitude: Gravitating towards the graciousness of gratitude generates good feelings and can lead to a gargantuan sense of gratification. For we all have had days where we are focused on that which we don’t have and allow for this sense of lack to pull us down. However, ascending towards an appreciation for that which we do have can transform a reality filled with lack to a reality that is paved with prosperity.

  1. Commit to Eradicating Complacency: Complacency can cloud our conscious minds, causing us to take things for granted in our reality. On a spectrum, we may oscillate between gratitude and complacency, which is why we must commit to acknowledging when complacency arises assuring to make a conscious effort to shift ones thoughts to that of deliberate gratuity.
  1. Be Gracious in your Gratuity: We not only can take things for granted in our immediate world, but may also take for granted the presence of others. For we must take the time to appreciate the very presence of others and give graciously, practicing random acts of kindness. This can be in the form of a heartfelt smile or telling someone thank you for going the extra mile. For when we sow seeds of gratitude, our most beautifully benevolent nature shines through.
  1. Consciously Generate Gratitude: Gratitude must be effort fully generated daily until it becomes second nature to you. There is no better time than the present to purposefully practice being grateful for the wonder that lives within you and that exists all around you. Some days we may have to search deeply to find things to be grateful for, but trust me when I say that the answer always lies inside of you.

Linger in Laughter, Soak your Essence in a Smile: When we linger in laughter and soak in the essence of a smile, our life is filled with; whimsy and wonder, a place, that should be rested in for a while. For abounding laughter adds a most illustrious light during our darkest nights and a smile adds that special spark allowing for our spirts to take flight. We must seek after that which enlivens us, brings us to life, for when a smile is placed in our heart, there is no greater form of delight.

  1. Laugh at Life: Refrain from taking things to seriously, life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest extent, for what is meant to happen shall transpire if you have the right intent. For adopting a lighthearted approach to life shall save you much pain and much strife. Immersing yourself in the lighter side of life will transform your view to one that is ever so bright, allowing for your felicitous soul to take flight.
  2. Smile for A while: Smile for a while, show off your most magnificently beautiful profile! 🙂  For it takes more effort to frown than to smile, so take the road of least resistance, the most fruitful route and simply smile. Even if you think you have nothing to smile about, try forcing a smile because the enigma that is your brain does not recognize the difference. For either way, a smile is a smile and inevitably it shall help you marvel in the beauty of life, taking you that extra marvelous mile. The synapses in your brain shall be soaked in endearing endorphins and your levels of the stress hormone, cortisol shall be decreased, resulting in a most rewarding release, a sense of being set free.
  3. Leap in the Direction of Laughter: Leap in the direction of laughter, for laughter is the most frugal form of medicine, it brings you that much closer to your own little piece of heaven. Laughter can inject instant happiness into your life, inducing bountifully blissful euphoria in you. The beauty is that laughter is contagious, so when you laugh, it brings out the best in others too. For when you respond to that which excites you, it ignites a dazzling sense of delight in you. Laughter ultimately keeps you sane, heals you of your pain, gives you shelter from the rain.

Sprinkle your life With Spontaneity: They say that variety is the spice of life, well I must say “They” are right. For variety allows us to tap into that which excites, has the power to ignite in us new and improved insights. When we sprinkle our experiences with variety and spontaneity, it rejuvenates, resuscitates us, bringing us back to life.

  1. Redesign your Routine: Often we find ourselves stuck in a routine, reality can sometimes appear hum drum compared to your deepest desires and dreams. But my dear please know that reality is not what it seems, for you have the power to change things. Shake up your daily routine by sprinkling spontaneity into it, and you shall find yourself gravitating up a different stream. For you have the power to redesign the outcome of things. When we make minor changes they can result in radical reality shifts, we become more inclined to take chances and take risks, which can lead to the opening up of a new world, filled with amazing adventures adorned with treasures and gifts.
  2. Forsake Fear: Fear is the bane of our existence, yet instill it is simply False Evidence Appearing Real. For fear only exists in our minds, but it is easy to attach ourselves to it and allow for it to overtake our minds. When we forsake fear; peace, clarity, and serenity is what we shall find. For we must not allow for fear to intoxicate us, preventing our truest version of ourselves to shine.
  3. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone: Climb our of your comfort zone or crawl if you must! We are more inclined to want to remain nestled in the coziness of our comfort zone, in the haven that is our home. When we cease in allowing for fear to hold us back, making us feel trapped, we begin to realize that “Our true life begins where our comfort zone ends.” For we must take a leap of faith, marveling in the magic of the unknown, allowing for our souls to freely wander and roam, like that of a gypsy, untroubled, unworried, happy-go lucky.

Sow Seeds of Love & Watch them Grow: Remember that I am love, you are love and we are all connected from the roots in the ground to the stars above, all with love as the glue that intertwines us, keeping us interconnected. For when we are graced with the presence of another soul we are graced with a reflection of the love that resides within, we come to realize that we are all love filled beings, cosmically akin. Taping into loving oneself, is essential for leading a love filled life. And once you are filled up with love, you are more inclined to sow seeds of love in others. Often, I have found that sowing seeds of love in others is like that of a daily dose of love for me. For sewing just one seed of love can uplift the vibration of the collective conscious that is our universe all for one and one for all.

  1. Fill Yourself Up with Love: We have all heard the adage; you can’t fully love someone else if you do not first whole heatedly love yourself. For love is the most lucrative form of wealth. To tap into this love filled treasure, we must be patient, loving, and kind to ourselves, for this is something that we must practice daily so that we may feel whole, complete, and worthy within ourselves. We attract that which we are, we gravitate towards reflections of ourselves, this is something that on a subconscious level we cannot help. Therefore, if we are overflowing with everlasting love, we shall not only be able to pour out this love to others, but we shall also attract other love filled beings, stirring up a serenade of enchantment, causing your very heart to melt.
  2. Lavish in the Languages of Love: Although love is at the very core of our existence and is what binds us together, each soul expresses love differently, based on past life experiences or ones perception of themselves, love can be expressed in varying ways, it’s as though everyone has their own unique langue of love, differing mediums by which to communicate love. As such, we must become more in tune with our language of love and how it is expressed and radiated in our everyday interactions. Once we are in tuned with our language of love we can learn to fine tune and adjust to the language of love that others emit.
  3. Sow Seeds of Love: If our hearts intention is to radiate love, then we must make a conscious effort to ever so graciously sprinkle seeds of love, rejuvenating our soil like that of rainfall from the sky’s above. It shall be as though sunshine has showered you, causing for you to have that special glow. For each seed shall inevitably; blossom, bloom, and grow, knowing in your heart that what you reap is what you sow.

~Rest in the present, unleash your inner optimist, live inspired, gravitate towards gratitude, Laugh & Smile like no one is watching, add sprinkles of spontaneity to your  lovely life, sow seeds of love and serenity shall find you for what you seek is eternally seeking you~ 

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