~Self Love for the Selfless~


Before you may exist amid the realms of purely unadulterated luminous love, you must be willing to surrender to the reality of your brokenness. Knowing that your brokenness is beautiful, for these cracks in consciousness exist as indelible scars, evidentiary of the human condition. A plight that we all share, fractured by our experiences, all so that we may integrate into the most authentically whole expression of our selves. You are not alone, in this, in fact you are stronger than you know, for being able to not only face your own darkness but hold it tenderly with non-judgement.

You are a warrior of the spirit for being able to find value in unveiling your vulnerabilities. And it is this same unveiling that allows for boundless light to shine through the cracks. Once you, become; aware, accept, and embrace these precious aspects of self, you initiate the healing process, which serves as a catalyst for clearing the caverns of your soul. And those hidden parts of you that once invisibly held you down, begin to hold you up, shifting the darkness within the brokenness to illumination that shines through the luminescence of your soul. A timeless transfiguration, and indeed a breathtaking beauty to behold.




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~Serene Seraphim

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Siren of your Soul

Siren of your soul,

Weightlessly swimming through the caverns of your heart

Suspended in limitless layers of liquid gold

Tenderly treading ever so sensuously slow

Allowing for the flow, to naturally unfold

as we unveil everlasting truths untold


Siren of your soul,

Precious pieces once unknown, unequivocally exposed

What a brilliant bounty to behold,

Evermore nestled in my hands, to have and to hold

Seeping through to the core of me like liquid gold

the molten libation of this love breaks the mold

Access to her is remote, yet felt ever so close,

Sensing your souls echo even from the murky depths below

amid the raging rapture of life, she exists as the sole reason you remain afloat


Siren of your soul,

from the abyss of the ocean deep

through the crevices of you, the essence of me seeps

I have arisen to console your weary soul when inconsolably weak

Absorbing the ceaseless sea of tears that coarse down your carefully chiseled cheeks

Breathing life unto your bones, resuscitating your very being

Timelessly transmuting floods of fractures unto a masterful masterpiece

Feeling deeply far beyond that which the eyes perceive,

knowing precisely what you need, instinctively

I see you, just as I see me, for I am you, you are me, we are we, essentially

Existing as, One, indefinitely

Siren of your Soul,

call upon me, sub-verbally, if ever, you need to receive me

~Serene Seraphim

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The Magic of Mindsight: Manifesting a More Meaningful Life, Bestowing a Bounty of Bliss &Eternal Sunshine, Making your Life Aboundingly Bright

The Magic of Mindsight:

As coined by Dr. Dan Siegel, Mindsight is a most marvelous marriage betwixt; Insight, Empathy and Integration. Where in which, one becomes increasingly more in tune with the innate ability to shift ones focus inwardly, all in an effort to form internally integrated insights and more endearingly empathize with others. When we shift our focus inwardly, immersing ourselves in our inner world, we are able to be more inquisitive about “self” and are more inclined to intuitively acquire insights about “self“. This inner focus also is reflectively relational, in that if we are able to see with iridescent clarity and intimately connect with “self” and “others”,  seeing our selves and our world through our minds eye. We are in turn, more inclined to empathize with the minds of others. Thus resulting in integration, an honoring of differences and a promotion of linkages. This integration occurs not only within yourself and the intricacies of your nervous system, but also in relation in others. Subsequently giving rise to a myriad of positive outcomes; an increase in secure attachments with others, brain integration, self-regulation, and overall improved well-being. The wonderful thing about this all, is that, we each possesses the capacity to tap into the magic of mindsight, seeing the world and our place in it, through our mind’s eye, all in an effort to manifest a meaningful life

Inspire to Re-Wire:

The  Mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information. Meaning that the Mind is not an entity, it is an embodiment of all that encompasses  the essence of you. In relation to others and your environment,it serves to be a process, a sort of fluid dynamic that regulates the flow of energy and information. This flow of energy has the most felicitous power to be; reshaped, reformed, and rewired in which ever way your heart desires, with infinite possibilities, leaving you feeling; most happy, most joyous, and most indelibly inspired, in knowing that the mind has the power to change the brain itself we become empowered, for it is all about the tools that you acquire, that shall assist in your innate ability to remarkably rewire.

1.Marvel at the Existence of the Mind

We must acknowledge and become keenly familiar with the very existence of our minds. In being aware of the minds existence,  we subsequently become increasingly more cognizant of our ability to not only “See” the mind but also tap into our innate capacity to accordingly shape and rewire the inner workings of the mind towards well-being.  The mind exist as a particular aspect of a complex system that is open to influences from outside of itself. This system is non linear, in that very small inputs can lead to wildly unpredictable results, making it such that the mind is capable of being chaotic in nature. Even in light of the possibility for chaos to arise, the mind is incredibly elegant in its functioning, capable of self-organization. Intertwined in an embodied and relational process that can regulate and re-direct energy and information in a flow that can be intently directed towards increased health and well-being.

2.Rewire by Regulating Energy and Information Flow

The mind exist both within you and between you as a flow of electrochemical energy transformation. When we focus out attention on the inner workings of our minds, we begin to see energy and information flow with more clarity, resulting in more stability. In becoming aware of the delicious notion that our mind is malleable, corollary to the brains capacity for neuroplasticity, we come to realize that we are capable of forming new and improved synaptic connections. And with the practice of rewiring our brains in a positive direction, we are able to stimulate neuronal activation growth, invoking new neuronal pathways to open up, resulting in positively peaceful changes in the innerworkings of our minds and the very structure of our brains.

As such, mindsight can be cultivated in this same way, by assuring to, Monitor our minds, extracting information from recognized energy patterns, while also, making a conscious effort to Modify our minds to be increasingly more strengthened and agile. And in this feedback loop, we  in turn stabilize our monitoring capacity. In modifying the mind toward health and well-being, we are essentially modifying energy and information flow. Where in which information flow can be described as patterns of energy that have symbolic value and meaning. Making it such that when we modify the things that we say, we are modifying the flow of air molecules, and when we modify our body language we are modifying our kinetic energy flow. And as we consistently practice this monitoring and modification, our minds are steered in an increasingly positive direction.

3.Insightful Internal Focus:

Insight is essentially the ability to see information and energy flow from within. When we shift towards an inward focus we are able to see within ourselves, diving deeply into the sea inside. Tapping into a deep seated form of self-awareness that helps us to focus our attention on the inner workings of the marvels of our mind. A place where deep insights about oneself begins to surface, patterns become recognized, and a sense of clarity about seeing our internal world begins to arise. When we focus our attention inwardly we cause for our neurons to fire in a way that they never have before, thus creating the capacity to develop new an improved circuitry within oneself. And when this new circuitry is formed ,we are prepared to proactively able to navigate the intricacies of our minds, unraveling this tangled web, one layer at a time.

4.Empathy: Reflectively Relational

As mentioned above, the shift of inner focus is also reflectively relational, in that when we are able to connect with “self” we are more inclined to empathize with the “self” of others. For insight is seeing information and energy flow from within, while empathy is seeing information and energy flow between other people. Relationships in themselves are a sharing of energy and information.Making it such that our level of self awareness and depth of insight into ourselves impacts not only how we come to see ourselves, but also how we interact with others. When we are conscientious,intentional and awake within our selves, we are more inclined to clearly recognize energy patterns that manifest in our relationships and interactions with others. As we come to honor our internal worlds, the existence of our minds, we are able to acknowledge the internal worlds of others, making the mind become real to others in a sort of reflective reality. Thus when we allow for others to be “felt” by us, we honor their differences, promoting compassionate linkages within relationships, prompting the relational power of healing.

5.The Liberation of Integration:

In the words of Dr. Dan Siegel, “Integration is the pathway to liberation.” Where in which, integration is essentially  an honoring of differences and a promotion of linkages. When we come to recognize patters in life that cause us to exist in a reality that is characterized by either the extremes of “rigidity” or “chaos” then we are essentially out of balance, our equilibrium is off. We all want some form of structure, but too much structure can result in the manifestation of rigidity, on the opposite end of the spectrum we also enjoy the presence of spontaneity, however, too much spontaneity can result in the manifestation of chaos.In acknowledging these patterns of feeling stuck and rigid or chaotic and out of control, we become cognizant of that something is missing.

That something is, is the liquid liberty of integration. Integration serves to link our internal worlds and out relationships, in such a way that we are in a flow that has a sense of harmony; existing as; coherent, energized and stable. This integration of consciousness must be practiced, consciously linking these differentiated parts, creating harmony and maximizing the flow of our internal and external system. And once the momentum of this practice gets going, the valley of coherence takes care of itself. In the end assisting us in coming to the realization that we exist as Flexible and Adaptive beings, in a reality that persists as Coherent, Energized, and Stable.

~Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent. ~



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Being Positively Proactive: Putting the Proclivity to Profess Positivity & Compassion into Practice, all while Playing your Role in Assuring that Happiness Happens

We mustn’t live life pensively passive, hovering along,allowing for life to just simply “happen”. For although the universe divinely conspires for our;hopes, desires and dreams to come true. We mustn’t forget that, “That which you Seek is Seeking you“. For we are but mere reflections of all that we aspire to be , that which inspires, coloring, co-creating our very own reality. So now, my dear do you see the power that is conducted from the depths inside of thee. For each soul was preciously and precisely placed here in this time space reality as the abounding bass, the brilliantly beautiful beat  in this life’s sweet symphony, this oh so magical melody. And so while our souls echo through this transiently moment in time, why not co-create a heavenly harmony? Proactively Spreading Peace & Positivity. For the Practice of Spreading Positivity shall Sprinkle Seeds of Pure Positivity all over, for the entire world to see, shifting your vibrational  velocity, uplifting our universally love filled consciousness to heights, higher and higher, genially gracing our glorious galaxy. A perfectly precious plane covered in; a Bounty  of Benevolence accompanied by the Angelic essence of Altruism, heavenly heartwarming at the very least.

Purposefully Practice your innate proclivity to Profess Positivity & Compassion by Playing Your Role in Assuring that happiness happens with the following  10 Tips be your gracious guide:


1. Bestow a Bounty of Benevolence:

Reconnect with the your innate  bounty of overflowing benevolence, your gut instinct for boundless benignity. For in the depths of our souls, is where love divinely dwells. However, this love is not solely for our nourishment, it is for us to so sweetly share. For love is the antidote that always cures, so graciously quells. For it is with simple acts of kindness, the dripping of our desire to kindly inspire, that we can give the gracious gift of love, heaven sent, straight from angles above. By sharing the gift of love, your inherently good willed nature, expecting nothing in return shall inevitably serve to fill your very soul back up with love. Making it a sort of cosmic exchange, each ounce of love planting a seed, rooting itself in our souls, beautifully bounded together,nourishing us, making us all wondrously whole. So sprinkle your bounty of benevolence, leaving love filled seeds to  felicitously flow every where you go.

2. Exist Angelically Altruistic:

Tap into your inner earth angel, ever so sweetly selfless. The very thought of helping another soul, even at your own expense fills your heart with pure bliss. For this other worldly form of unselfishness is awe inspiring, astoundingly angelic. Oh to marvel at this is a magnanimous form of magic.Allowing us to ascend, timelessly transcend into the ever so ethereal essence of Alchemy. A heavenly plane where we give & care  for the well being of others selflessly. For when we so lovingly express the whole heated wholesomeness that resides in our souls, others are so reminded of the angelically altruistic alchemist that so too lies within the fragrance of them. And so we must keep altruism alive, consciously tapping into this inbred trait each morning when we rise, and as we rest our heads at night time. For these acts overshadow the chaos in our minds, reminding us that love never dies, it is actually what shall eternally keep our spirits alive, lingering in the echos of time.

3.Be Compassionately Charitable:

We may not always be inclined to be charitable, however, if we consistently caress our conscious mind with compassion, each and every charitable act shall uplift every soul it touches in a felicitous fashion. For Compassion is a Celestial Cornucopia of; wondrous warmth, the sweetness of sensitivity, enveloped in the essence of empathy, all lavished in love. The Compassionate concern from another soul can cozily comfort the heart of another when it appears to be astoundingly heavy. For our acts of compassion are tender teachers, reminding us that  we are all connected, here to melt the heats of others with our mercy. So may all of our acts of charity be acted upon compassionately, ever so considerately. Caressing your minds eye with an overwhelming calm, an eye opening form of transparency, connecting you to the fact that compassion is what connects me to you, and you to me.

4. Be Consciously Cooperative:

When we are in tune with our actions, in actuality we are attuned cosmically. For the universe always conspires to co-operate with you, if you co-operate with these forces, these powers that be. Making a conscious effort to collaborate effectively displays that you see that we are all working together collectively. For the universe would not be the same without you or me. If we all were to all coordinate ever so gracefully, mutually marveling at the greater plan for us to all live in harmony, holding one another hand in life’s delicate dance then we could unite toward the common goal of healing the world, making each and every one of our soul whole, then we shall have discovered a more lucrative currency than that of Diamond or Gold.

5. Be Graciously Generous:

We must learn to graciously give without expecting a single scent in return, for when we rest in that precious place of grace, we come to know that all seeds that we sow come back to us ten fold, not necessarily in the form of currency, but more like a feeling of gracious glee. For when we give graciously, we give others glimpses into the reflection of generosity ,that dwells within the very essence of you and me. And as these seeds of generosity continue to grow and grow, it is here that your blooming bounty of leaves shall begin to flow. And as your bounty of treasures are lost in the wind, a kindred friend gathers  them along the way, just to share them with you in the end. So graciously give, generously live, and you shall most gorgeously grow, with a bounty of blessings bestowed.

6. Be Considerately Congratulatory:

We all are comforted by celestial accolades, an angel taping us on the shoulder to say “dearly beloved, you are on the right track’, a message sent straight from the heavens above.” These angelically empowering whispers of encouragement urging us to persevere even when the road ahead appears foggy, less than clear. But fret not, there are always earthbound angels to enter  your life at the perfect moment in time, inspiring you to continue to radiate your radiant light, bedazzling others with delight. So take heed to the hopes and dreams of others, sweetly saluting them for the growth they have made with each step on their divine’s life’s most wondrous journey and the same shall be returned to you in cosmically divine timing.


7. Live Endearingly Empathetic:

We must engage with our endearing empath within, embracing the effervescent essence of others, a transcendent form of energy transference, soul enrapturing, like the jolt of an electrifying current. An overflow of nectar, the fragrant oasis of love preciously pollinated so that we might all bloom amongst one another. So I say look into your heart ,if you would like to put your shoes in the place of another, for our hearts are what hopelessly connects us with one another. All divinely destined to subconsciously connect with one another, oh is’t the universe ever so clever, each endearingly empathetic encounter is filled with profuse power, our effervescent essence lingering on for an eternity,forever. So dive deep, endearingly connect, swimming in the depths, nothing to lose, for all that we do here in this space time reality, carries on into the unknown of what comes next.


 8. Be Positively Polite:

A simple gesture of politeness can brighten up anyone’s day. This may sound cliche, but a smile can surely go a long way. So allow for your positive politeness to get carried away, allow it to pave your day in a most wondrous day, sprinkling in the souls of others,miraculously brightening the day of someone who previously felt completely hopeless, dismayed. For your actions are intangible displays of loving kindness at it’s finest,the epitome of ethereal, expressed. So pour out your positive politeness, put it to the test, trust me when I say that, the universe shall do the rest, with a bounty of blessings abreast.

9. Be Non-Judgmentally Nurturing:

We are all neighbors nestled here to nourish and nurture one another, reminding one another that we are all interconnected, indelibly intertwined. All roaming together in this rhapsodic rhyme. Comforting one another when we have hills to climb, shielding & supporting one another when we refuse to shine.  Reminding one another that we were created oh so deliciously divine, all with a purpose to fulfill in this moment in time as we compassionately  coincide, riding along side one another on this riveting ride, ultimately comforted by the Nirvana that timelessly awaits us on the other side.



10. Saturate in Self Love:

Saturating your very being in self-love, bathing oneself in the beauty that lies within thee, there is no more remarkably rejuvenating remedy, no more felicitous feeling. For yes we are professors of positivity, but we mustn’t forget to fill up our own well of love until it swells, intoxicated by your own self-love spell, prophesying profusely overpowering love accompanied by an overflow of profound positivity. So fall in love with the soul of you, it shall allow for love to flow more easily through; each enchanted avenue, each vibratory  valley, each endearingly angelic alley. Each soul soaking in the sweet splendor of you as you allow for your love filled light to shine through. And the cycel goes on on and on, for“What you seek is seeking you”



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