Equation of Eternal Equanimity


I can sense the sentient pane freeze

Yet sight set on fluid seas

Riddled with no absolutes, nor guarantees

The future isn’t clear

Through the looking glass I peer

Shifting my intuition into full gear

The truth is made sheer

Guided in the space of THE NOWS atmosphere,

A timeless leap from there, to here

In the presence of the present, All doubts disappear

Devoid of fear, to thyn faith I doth adhere

Guided by the souls ancient history

It all starts with a silent inquiry

To discover the door to mystery

Close the eyes to see vividly

Subtle signs dwelleth in your periphery

Encoded are coherence patterns to decode interference patterns

thus setting the entirety of the soul free

Unlocking the encrypted equation of 

eternal equanimity to decrypt your destiny



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Caliber of Heart: The Key to an Alchemical Destiny

~May your heart be courageous and your soul freely explore, onwards towards the call of your hearts true destiny~

My dearest,

An emancipated existence is your destiny
Courage of heart the truest currency, allowing for you to ascend to the transcendent levels with a deepening into surrendering
All constrictions that prevent you from existing at loves deepest capacity must proceed in collapsing

You were born to be free
Liberate yourself from restrictions that exist as taxing
Vast and expansive like the far reaching seas
Way past the shoreline you can clearly see
All that you desire to receive no longer out of reach

Floating weightless like the brevity of the breeze
An emancipated space where False Evidence Appearing Real, could never impede
Quite a  heavenly experience to perceive
More heavenly than you could ever believe
Existing as the alchemist to your very own destiny


~Serene Seraphim

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