~Amorous Ascentia~

Illustriously Rouse Ever So Amorous

 High Harmony Hymns Within

Elicit Everlasting Opulence

as Yee Symphonically Ascend

Luxuriantly Transcend with the 

Euphoric Euphony Whispering Within

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Illustriously Lavish thyn Luxuriant Senses in the Irresistibly Refined Essence of Amorous Ascentia. This Enchanting Elixir Exists as a Heavenly High Harmony of Exalted Notes. For its Blessed Base is Supported by Damask Rose Oil, Emanating the Highest Vibrational Frequency, Rousing Amorous Hymns Within. Its Sacrosanct Center is Cohesively Held Together by the Fine Euphoric Fragrance of Mahogany Teakwood Coupled with the Complex Velvety Aroma of Vetiver. Alas, Anointed by Intoxicatingly Enamoring Nuances of Black Currant, Eliciting Everlasting Opulence as thyn Heart Transcends with the Euphoric Euphony Within.


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Ascendant Serenity Vibration


Effortlessly raise your vibration

May your essence rise with eternal elation

Embracing the sacred expression of this

transcendent sensation

a reverent re calibration

interlaced with thyn spiritual aspirations

a conscious journey of your own creation

Allow nothing to forsake this

timeless temptation

Towards thyn ascendant destination

Indelibly imbued with an expansive inclination

Intent levitation towards the constellations,

gracing the absolute culmination, the souls ultimate liberation


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