~Reflective Transcendence~

There lies an ever revolving reverie that never ever ever dies, an unending echo that dwells inside, an idiosyncratic,yet collective history peers through the iridescent iris of your ancient soul eyes. It is your essence of nearly impenetrable beingness. It does not need to be explained, it is that which cannot be named, for in its existent nature, it is implied. It is energetic ephemerality, time and time again, actualized. Unremittingly unraveling, all to be reinvented, a new and renewed sense of soul self realized, right before your reverent eyes. Imprinted in the very fabric of your insides, vast and expansive as the stellar skies. The chasm where your sentient consciousness and the cosmic tides of the reflective multiverse irrevocably collides. Here in this multidimensional space, your subconscious comes to realize that the destination is much less of a place, yet, more accurately, a state of mind.


~Serene Seraphim

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