Quantum Leap Unto Illumination

~Embrace your inner stillness, fully surrender and let go, so that you may become one with the universal flow. For you are co-creating in a synergistic symphony with the entirety of the oversoul leaving a trail of your timeless echo ~

There are multitudinous paths to illumination and the path reveals itself once your inner light is ignited within. Be still and know that each pathway unfolds uniquely, just for you. Your true soul self is the radiance that paves the way through the labyrinth of life moment to moment. For, once you embody the inevitable essence of an enlightened existence, the fire that drives your spirit is enlivened, you have awakened to live and breathe amidst the embers of unadeltered authenticity, indeed an imminent reflection of divinity. You and the soul of the world co-creating in a synergistic symphony of sheer harmony.

Along the path of unveiling your vibrancy, your level of awareness shall be heightened and you will surely meet yourself in the very reflection of others, in endless forms. It is solely up to you, to recognize which piece of you is attempting to reveal itself.  Although, every encounter and situation in life mirrors back to you an aspect of yourself, refrain from comparing your souls journey to others and trail along the path that speaks most deeply to you. Don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in the cosmic drama of life, for the drama is not truly real, everything and everyone in your life has been divinely placed to bestow wisdom upon your being as you expand through the timeless journey of life itself.

Assure that you see everything and everyone as your teacher, as a guide from the great beyond towards your path home.  Trust and know that although you may not be able to see your journey laid out in front of you in clear view, I promise you that precious portals and ever so gracious gateways shall unveil themselves to you in carefully orchestrated timing. You don’t have to force anything, all that you have to do is hold your inner stillness and become one with the universal flow.

At times, life may seem like some sort of simulated rat race with every one hustling and bustling to survive. However, when you allow yourself the freedom to let go of the need to compete and outshine, you see that you shine even when standing alone, taking every sweet moment in stride as the miraculous vision of life trails across your very eyes, you were destined to thrive. Here and now you rest and abide wholeheartedly awakened, fully enlivened inside, as reality begins to take you by surprise, a feeling of palpable magic begins to arise, for you come to consciously realize that the entire universe is conspiring to manifest your highest good at all times, however, with your higher self you must be seamlessly aligned so that you may come to exist in an expansive space time, one where you do not have to compromise. The only thing destined for you is that you rise, knowing that it’s not so much the destination, but the journey of life that is the actual prize. You my dear are on the brink of having all of your dreams actualized. A quantum leap unto illumination, quantified.

~Serene Seraphim

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~Breaking the Heart to Open it~

~The warrior of the heart must be willing to have their hearts broken innumerable times, in order for the heart to break completely open, bursting open the floodgates to experience the liquid luminosity of love in its fullest capacity~

In essence we break our own hearts by expecting others to behave the way in which we desire. We end up sinking our souls into the depths of  our own drowning despair because they did not live up to said expectation, when in actuality this action or inaction, on behalf of perceived other is not personal in nature. For no act in life should be taken personally, people treat others how they treat themselves on a soul deep level, whether they recognize it or not. People feel for others as deeply as they feel for themselves and so when it feels as though someone has done you a disservice, let it be known that they may be behaving the only way they know how.  For they are experiencing you through the perception of themselves. As you are illuminated to the truth of reality beyond illusion, you come grips with what unconditional love truly means. Which is to love without condition, to allow for someone to be fully them and live out there truth as they grow into there highest version.

Everyone is in process, fully allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. Pleas use discernment in knowing that which you will and will not tolerate, this stems from knowing yourself,  knowing your worth, and knowing what you are deserving of. Loving unconditionally absolutely does not mean that you must accept treatment from others that is disrespectful and false hearted in intent. For you are capable of loving someone unconditionally at a distance. For unconditional love also extends to self, the way in which we allow for someone to treat us defines how much we actually love ourselves. The key is to set up healthy boundaries for yourself, directly communicate your needs even if your voice trembles, while also having the discernment to know when, where, and how your energy is expended. Sometimes inaction speaks louder than action.

The next time you find yourself in a compromising situation, whilst entangled in the endless web of love, know that you have the power to mold the situation in your favor, for all lovers are our teachers, and a lesson learned is a treasure gained.  Refrain from personalizing actions of others, instead of blaming strive to understand, have compassion for yourself, as well as perceived other, and most of all be grateful. For the ones that we love teach us the greatest life lesson, how to love and be loved, unconditionally and wholeheartedly. There is a fine line between allowing yourself to suffer from a broken heart and allowing for yourself to flourish and grow through your brokenness as your heart expands to its fullest capacity for love and compassion. For each time I allowed for my heart to be vulnerable and broken the deeper I felt into the experience of love itself.

At first, as a defense my soul would attempt to resist my brokenness and feel defeated by it. However, once I stopped resisting, I began to feel the floodgates of liquid luminosity open within my being,  fueled by the robust fullness of love that lingers beyond the brokenness, thus allowing for me to embrace the; dark, shadowy, and luminous aspects of love in an all embracing and deeply spiritual fulfilling way. So save yourself by embracing instead of resisting, for we only fall prey to a state of victim-hood if we allow ourselves to, you are stronger than you think, you are braver than you could ever imagine, a warrior of the heart. For the heart may only be opened by first being unafraid of allowing for it to be broken, and remember we are the masters of our reality, only you can decide how long you grieve or suffer, just as we are capable of allowing for ourselves to be an awakened warrior through excruciating exquisiteness of suffering.


~Serene Seraphim

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