Clairsentient Bliss


Helplessly hovering in a higher dimensional reality

Peering through the panoramic screen,

Imbued with the capability of literally seeing with iridescent clarity

A reverent reverie of unceasing vibrancy

indisputably Suspended in a submersive lightness of being,

Caressed indelibly by an

expansive sentient sentimentality

Indubitably a mesmerizing mentality

Levitating betwixt lucid scenes

Existing as Living breathing luminosity,

In synergy with life’s everlasting symphony

Effortlessly Sailing in and out of mystery

In harmony with everything I seek seamlessly

Clairsentient bliss has found thee, all happenings existing as unquestionably heavenly

Hymns of thyn heart space guiding thee intuitively

Masterfully unraveling subtle intricacies infinitely

All whilst Remaining elevated yet leveled simultaneously

an interminable dance with divinity

The awakening of ascendant serenity