~The Destined Relationship: A Tale of Soul Expansion amidst a Timeless Tryst~

~We Attract that Which We Are, Vibrate Higher, Heal Deeper, Attract Higher~

Have you ever attracted a lover into your life and wondered to yourself, ugh why oh why? oh how oh how did I attract this type of energy into my electromagnetic field? What in the world is this person doing in my near vicinity, floating around in my atmosphere, at the moment the reasoning doesn’t appear to be clear. However, as you take a step back, you come to realize that you my dear alone invited this very frequency here…

To make this simple and clear, we attract who we are, we are in essence in search for ourselves in others, all outside parties are but symbolic reflections of our inner nature. It may not seem like it on the surface, but when you take a closer look peering deeper in to the core of the people that we are attracted to, we shall see aspects of ourselves that we are aware or unaware of bursting through the seems of their being. We connect with people at certain times in our lives to awaken dormant pieces of our soul essence that may have been sound asleep for centuries. However, when the time arises, the stars align and you are drawn to certain sentient beings like a magnet. For there is sympathetic resonance betwixt the two of you, a dance of harmonic frequencies intent on making melodious music together. Your cadence coalesces with their cadence and it all feels destined, because it is, in the sense that you are here in this moment with this person experiencing the blessing of connection because you were; ready, willing, receptive and open to do so.

Things are always breathtakingly beautiful in the very beginning, for your soul is swept away in the bliss of being in the presence of a kindred soul. However, once you realize that you are one in the same, you also come to realize that this is true for the shadow aspects of you as well. The deepest parts of you that you attempted to evade, hiding away for eons never to be acknowledged if you had anything to do with it, begin to surface. However, on a subconscious level, you now want these parts of you to be unveiled which is why you are standing in front of your reflection in this moment. You are triggered, you are bewildered, you are seemingly thrown off kilter for it is time to relinquish the safe haven of your filters to release the unknown pieces of your heart, it is now time to be unabashedly vulnerable in the presence of another. Now you are at a cross roads, where you shall either sit in the uncomfortably unsettling soup of vulnerabilities together or choose to part ways in order to heal these facets of you that have yet to get your undivided attention.

Me personally, I have come face to face with my mirror soul, and on a soul level their is an unspoken knowingness that we heal best when secluded and all alone, when not distracted by outside sources, including one another. For when you know how one another moves spiritually, you come to understand which situations are most suitable for growth, for expansion, for progressing towards existing as our greatest version, For you see a twin flame, a soul mate, is not like the normal relationship dynamic, no no, it is not the fairy-tale society has made it out to be. It transcends the fleeting fairy-tale into the realms of an timeless bond, one that shatters your paradigms, tenderly ruptures your heart center to open it completely to its true nature, its unbounded capacity for; feeling deeply into the experience of  love on a most grandiose scale.  In order to maneuver your way through these dynamics whilst gaining the most out of the experience is to open yourself up fully to it, surrendering to the process, and relinquishing ones sense of control over the situation.

You my dear are not in control, the divine order of the universe is at play here, working towards the perfection of your souls perfection. When you lean on the notion of thinking that you are in control you try your best to; avoid pain, to avoid suffering, to avoid conflict, to avoid unbearable grievances. However, these exact facets are that which evokes your souls growth, paving the way towards quantum healing, it is a necessary evil amidst your full awakening.  In essence, expansion and the comfort of control do not exist in tandem, we must surrender to expansion if this is indeed our true hearts desire. For many twins and soul mates, our hearts have been closed and shut off to ourselves, and it is not until the heart is fractured in some way that it begins to open to the fullness of life, it prompts for a more expansive and all encompassing life experiencing. One with the cacophony and the harmony of life, being content with the cycles of birth, death, re-birth and even those spaces of unknown in between. For in essence, everything is essentially nothing with a twist.


~Serene Seraphim

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~Nestled in the Nape of Nirvana~


Enlightenment is not a holy peak to be reached, it appears to be evasive, though it resides deep within the timeless fabric of your being. It is embodied in every breathe you breathe, in every word you speak, felt within each and every silent heart beat, it is not some heavenly retreat, a nirvana laden escape from reality. It is a beautifully brutal opening of the heart space that invokes for the floodgates of unwavering compassion and unadulterated acceptance to color the crevice of each and every interaction that exists within the continuum of everything that ever was and ever will be, whispering to you in this very moment, awaiting to be received.

Nestled in the Nape of Nirvana, you are gently reminded of the absolute knowingness that you exist as a mirror reflection of the lover and the beloved, the student and the teacher taking part in a continuous cultivation of heart centered wisdom through the tender expression of a profound peace that surpasses judgement, ascending above invention in disguise, where our truest intentions arise.  A space devoid of all delusions and defenses that once served to protect us. It is, me, you, us, in our rawest and most vulnerable state where we resist the unconscious compulsion to resist. For existing within the realms of rejection of that which is, places one in a space of rigidity instead of fluidity.It is a conscious cessation of resistance all together whilst embodying a deep seated acceptance of each and every aspect of human nature.  Granting ourselves access to feel through to the core of the ineffable essence of nature itself. It transcends sight and exists in a realm far beyond words, yet allows for one to stand fully and humbly in the exquisitely excruciating glory of the everlasting present moment.

Entranced within the endless layers of enlightenment, one is enveloped in an all-encompassing level of awe inspiring awareness, the floodgates have been undoubtedly opened, leaving you exposed, wet, and soaking. A heightened vantage for which one embraces those flourishing moments just as much, if not more, those moments of unfathomable human fragility. Not grasping yet, experiencing tenderly, openly, ever so graciously, it is a letting go to unfurl with the flow of each second that lives through you.

It is a gateless gateway that leads you back to your sacred state of being, a fortuitous flirting with the formless, enfolded into a fragrant synergy of timeless energy dancing through itself all to deeply feel into the quintessence of vitality. It is there, it has always been there, it is a divine doorway open to all souls of whom are willing to hold compassion within the grips of collective suffering , bestow magnanimous mercy upon their very own souls as they engulf themselves within the midst of their very own suffering.Heart utterly awoken to the ever unfolding dimensions of existence, as your spirit finds expansive salvation within the infinite undulation of quantum healing, as but a ceaseless part of the cosmic wheel of creation.


~Serene Seraphim

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