Sorrow: A Gateway to Soul Expansion

~Dearly Beloved Soul,

~That which you GO through, you inevitably GROW through~

As quoted by French Philosopher, Teilhard de Chardin, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Meaning that we exists as human beings in this; space,time reality, however, our very essence, at our very core we are spirit beings, an embodiment of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Incorporeal beings believed to have powers to affect the course of human events. As such, we come to the realization that we posses the power to transform ourselves and our minds at any given moment in time. We are malleable beings capable of transforming our reality from the inside out. We must be wise in discerning which life experiences lend to our growth, so that we may take heed to the lessons that life is presenting to us, in an effort to elevate us, making every moment count.

As spiritual beings currently existing in human form, it is inevitable that we all shall experience bouts of sadness at one point in time during the course of our lives. These moments of sadness get a bad wrap, often having a negative connotation with pure despair and devastation. However, sadness in actuality, is an essential ingredient in soul expansion. For sadness is sign form the divine, reminding us to re-connect with our innermost selves, it is our spirits way of telling us to; tune in, listen up, and use this time wisely as a tool of elevation and growth. As such, it is vital to make a conscious effort to swim in the depths of the sea of your subconscious, getting to the root of this manifestation of sadness. Just the very thought of sitting with your sadness, delving into the depths of your very being can be unsettling, especially if it is uncharted territory. However, this precious place is where clarity, peace, of mind, and the truth lies. Believe you me, even the tears that you cry, tell a story, they have a transparency to them, reminding you that you are alive.

The key to allowing for sadness to be utilized as a tool of growth is to take a step back from the negative stream of emotions and thoughts, further strengthening your ability to tune into your spiritual existence, quietly observing the artistry as each feeling and cognition transitively passes through the soul of you. Refraining from claiming this ephemeral sweep of emotions, thus providing a barrier so that they may not consume you. There is  a beautiful sense of brevity underlying the existence of emotions, for they are fleeting, merely temporary parts of your existence, with the wholehearted intention to elevate our souls, assisting us in Growing through that which we Go through.

~The Dawn comes after the Darkest Hour of the Night~

Life in itself is a most beautiful blessing, sprinkled with loving lessons, for earth is your school and class is in session. At the time, sadness may make your reality appear stark, learning life’s lessons may seem harsh. Arising as a dark cloud atop your once sunny skies. Nevertheless, when we take a step back we shall see with iridescent clarity that each lesson is inherently positive in nature, put in place for your personal growth and fulfillment at a soul level. In efforts to reap this bounty of benefits bestowed upon your soul, we must learn to master the art of having a fondness, appreciating the underlying value of the growth that is nestled underneath the shade of sadness. For if we, don’t we run the risk of missing the opportunity of growth, instead setting ourselves up to experience the same issue in a repetitive cycle over and over again.That is until we LEARN the lesson that is so lovingly being presented to us.

As a rule of thumb, Avoiding Unhappiness is NOT the road to Happiness. We must travel through the trenches of unhappiness to gain clarity , so that we truly appreciate it when happiness happens. For we must not concern ourselves with the “Pursuit of Happiness” but instead, the “Happiness of Pursuit“. In other words we take enjoyment in stumbling upon happiness along the way, grateful for the ups and downs for they are all perfectly and most preciously put into place for our spiritual growth and our soul elevation.

In essence, our entire reason for being is to grow spiritually, with each curve ball thrown our way, learning to utilize our energetic bodies for constructive purposes. In turn uplifting ones level of consciousness, raising ones vibratory frequency. High vibrational beings can be characterized as beings of whom have released hurts of the past and are more inclined to take steps to eliminate negative thought patterns, choosing to express lovingly an joyously, which in actuality is our natural state of being. For each of us has the capacity to tap into our souls inherent well of; unconditional love, peace,harmony, undying forgiveness, and compassion everlasting.

~Refrain from claiming sadness as a part of you, befriend it, appreciate the artistry of each current as it moves through the soul of you, with the wholehearted intention of fostering the spiritual expansion of you, allowing for your purest light to shine through~


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The Magic of Mindsight: Manifesting a More Meaningful Life, Bestowing a Bounty of Bliss &Eternal Sunshine, Making your Life Aboundingly Bright

The Magic of Mindsight:

As coined by Dr. Dan Siegel, Mindsight is a most marvelous marriage betwixt; Insight, Empathy and Integration. Where in which, one becomes increasingly more in tune with the innate ability to shift ones focus inwardly, all in an effort to form internally integrated insights and more endearingly empathize with others. When we shift our focus inwardly, immersing ourselves in our inner world, we are able to be more inquisitive about “self” and are more inclined to intuitively acquire insights about “self“. This inner focus also is reflectively relational, in that if we are able to see with iridescent clarity and intimately connect with “self” and “others”,  seeing our selves and our world through our minds eye. We are in turn, more inclined to empathize with the minds of others. Thus resulting in integration, an honoring of differences and a promotion of linkages. This integration occurs not only within yourself and the intricacies of your nervous system, but also in relation in others. Subsequently giving rise to a myriad of positive outcomes; an increase in secure attachments with others, brain integration, self-regulation, and overall improved well-being. The wonderful thing about this all, is that, we each possesses the capacity to tap into the magic of mindsight, seeing the world and our place in it, through our mind’s eye, all in an effort to manifest a meaningful life

Inspire to Re-Wire:

The  Mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information. Meaning that the Mind is not an entity, it is an embodiment of all that encompasses  the essence of you. In relation to others and your environment,it serves to be a process, a sort of fluid dynamic that regulates the flow of energy and information. This flow of energy has the most felicitous power to be; reshaped, reformed, and rewired in which ever way your heart desires, with infinite possibilities, leaving you feeling; most happy, most joyous, and most indelibly inspired, in knowing that the mind has the power to change the brain itself we become empowered, for it is all about the tools that you acquire, that shall assist in your innate ability to remarkably rewire.

1.Marvel at the Existence of the Mind

We must acknowledge and become keenly familiar with the very existence of our minds. In being aware of the minds existence,  we subsequently become increasingly more cognizant of our ability to not only “See” the mind but also tap into our innate capacity to accordingly shape and rewire the inner workings of the mind towards well-being.  The mind exist as a particular aspect of a complex system that is open to influences from outside of itself. This system is non linear, in that very small inputs can lead to wildly unpredictable results, making it such that the mind is capable of being chaotic in nature. Even in light of the possibility for chaos to arise, the mind is incredibly elegant in its functioning, capable of self-organization. Intertwined in an embodied and relational process that can regulate and re-direct energy and information in a flow that can be intently directed towards increased health and well-being.

2.Rewire by Regulating Energy and Information Flow

The mind exist both within you and between you as a flow of electrochemical energy transformation. When we focus out attention on the inner workings of our minds, we begin to see energy and information flow with more clarity, resulting in more stability. In becoming aware of the delicious notion that our mind is malleable, corollary to the brains capacity for neuroplasticity, we come to realize that we are capable of forming new and improved synaptic connections. And with the practice of rewiring our brains in a positive direction, we are able to stimulate neuronal activation growth, invoking new neuronal pathways to open up, resulting in positively peaceful changes in the innerworkings of our minds and the very structure of our brains.

As such, mindsight can be cultivated in this same way, by assuring to, Monitor our minds, extracting information from recognized energy patterns, while also, making a conscious effort to Modify our minds to be increasingly more strengthened and agile. And in this feedback loop, we  in turn stabilize our monitoring capacity. In modifying the mind toward health and well-being, we are essentially modifying energy and information flow. Where in which information flow can be described as patterns of energy that have symbolic value and meaning. Making it such that when we modify the things that we say, we are modifying the flow of air molecules, and when we modify our body language we are modifying our kinetic energy flow. And as we consistently practice this monitoring and modification, our minds are steered in an increasingly positive direction.

3.Insightful Internal Focus:

Insight is essentially the ability to see information and energy flow from within. When we shift towards an inward focus we are able to see within ourselves, diving deeply into the sea inside. Tapping into a deep seated form of self-awareness that helps us to focus our attention on the inner workings of the marvels of our mind. A place where deep insights about oneself begins to surface, patterns become recognized, and a sense of clarity about seeing our internal world begins to arise. When we focus our attention inwardly we cause for our neurons to fire in a way that they never have before, thus creating the capacity to develop new an improved circuitry within oneself. And when this new circuitry is formed ,we are prepared to proactively able to navigate the intricacies of our minds, unraveling this tangled web, one layer at a time.

4.Empathy: Reflectively Relational

As mentioned above, the shift of inner focus is also reflectively relational, in that when we are able to connect with “self” we are more inclined to empathize with the “self” of others. For insight is seeing information and energy flow from within, while empathy is seeing information and energy flow between other people. Relationships in themselves are a sharing of energy and information.Making it such that our level of self awareness and depth of insight into ourselves impacts not only how we come to see ourselves, but also how we interact with others. When we are conscientious,intentional and awake within our selves, we are more inclined to clearly recognize energy patterns that manifest in our relationships and interactions with others. As we come to honor our internal worlds, the existence of our minds, we are able to acknowledge the internal worlds of others, making the mind become real to others in a sort of reflective reality. Thus when we allow for others to be “felt” by us, we honor their differences, promoting compassionate linkages within relationships, prompting the relational power of healing.

5.The Liberation of Integration:

In the words of Dr. Dan Siegel, “Integration is the pathway to liberation.” Where in which, integration is essentially  an honoring of differences and a promotion of linkages. When we come to recognize patters in life that cause us to exist in a reality that is characterized by either the extremes of “rigidity” or “chaos” then we are essentially out of balance, our equilibrium is off. We all want some form of structure, but too much structure can result in the manifestation of rigidity, on the opposite end of the spectrum we also enjoy the presence of spontaneity, however, too much spontaneity can result in the manifestation of chaos.In acknowledging these patterns of feeling stuck and rigid or chaotic and out of control, we become cognizant of that something is missing.

That something is, is the liquid liberty of integration. Integration serves to link our internal worlds and out relationships, in such a way that we are in a flow that has a sense of harmony; existing as; coherent, energized and stable. This integration of consciousness must be practiced, consciously linking these differentiated parts, creating harmony and maximizing the flow of our internal and external system. And once the momentum of this practice gets going, the valley of coherence takes care of itself. In the end assisting us in coming to the realization that we exist as Flexible and Adaptive beings, in a reality that persists as Coherent, Energized, and Stable.

~Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through and be silent. ~



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