~Reclining unto the Embers of a Rapturous Reverie~

When ones heart chakra and crown chakra align, one can quite literally feel through the quantum chasm of space time
A cosmic sphere that is unbounded, undefined

An all consuming expansion of consciousness that refuses to be confined
A melding of multitudinous mental minds
A space that is not mines, for I am you and you are me simultaneously, essentially we are we, an interconnected tapestry, seamlessly harmonized by the divine

Each spiritual vessel a timeless temple
Somewhat of a subconscious shrine
Coalescing on a endlessly entangled sacred vine

Ceaselessly inundated by a swarm of subliminal subverbal signs
Transcendent transmissions interlaced within the lovely layers of each and every life line
Conveyed through loop holes existent across the span of innumerable lifetimes
Resting peaceably amid the realms of a rapturous reverie, I reverently recline


~Serene Seraphim

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