Artistry of Energetic Realignment

Step One: Neutrality

The moment you feel that your soul is out of alignment, STOP, shift gears to NEUTRAL. Return your being to the present moment and take full notice of what is transpiring internally.

Step Two: Non-Judgement

As your awareness is directed inward, be sure to refrain from judging the situation, yourself, or any external forces involved. Simply take the time to keenly take notice.

Step Three: Retrace your Train of Thought 

Silently ask yourself, what thought initiated this maelstrom of misalignment? Acknowledge this thought, and simultaneously release it with the knowing that you are in fact, NOT your thoughts.

Step Four: Acceptance

Embracing clarity of mind, open your inner being up to wholeheartedly accept the truth of that which is unfolding, in the NOW.

Step Five: Real Time Action

Upon an unhindered acceptance of that which “is”. Consciously bring your awareness to the present moment, taking time to breathe in the essence of the eternal now. Instead of expending energy fretting, own the existent energy. Focus on locating a space for which you may positively effect change, thus shifting the energy of your current circumstance. Whilst, simultaneously surrendering control to aspects of the situation not under your direct control. Knowing that you always have the power to alter the way that you feel about a situation by changing the way that you respond.

Step Six: Gratitude

Now that you have shifted into a lighter space of being, Celebrate your ability to affect your inner world so that your outer world is aligned with your highest good in mind. Lastly, shift your attitude to a state of purely unadulterated gratitude. Honor yourself for all that you are and all that you have the possibility of becoming by expending your valuable energy in a positive vibratory direction.

~Serene Seraphim

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Artistry of Navigating Ambiguity

~When navigating ambiguity, refrain from resisting it’s inexorable essence.Instead, create a new story-line by submitting to an unhindered surrender to the precious presence of the present. For, the past is history and the future is a mystery, whilst the eternal now opens one up to the possibility of fortuitous happenings unbeknownst to thee~

Have you ever felt yourself suffocatingly ensnared in a story-line that you envisioned would go one way, however, is veering in the complete opposite direction, trailing across your very eyes? Something that you envisioned would happen in the most perfectly pristine way, well because all signs lead towards that desired destination and so it was no surprise that you held these great expectations. However, as this expected outcome approaches, things begin to shift, it’s almost like a silent earthquake is trembling beneath your circumstance, and you can feel your desired outcome slipping right through the palm of your hands, and yet these pieces that are crumbling feel as though they are completely out of your control, leaving you feeling utterly helpless as the unwanted outcome unfolds with the painstaking passage of each moment. You begin to second guess yourself, you begin to think, “Oh, If I had just done this, then, this would not be happening”.  You guilt trip yourself, you blame yourself, you berate yourself to infinity and beyond!

You find your self stuck in the grips of a storyline that intermingles with past actions that cannot be altered and future events that have yet to even happen. You are trapping yourself in a cyclical cyclone of near insanity, for you cannot win, when you are battling against yourself, based upon unchangeable events. And for a moment, you realize that you are the root cause of your very own suffering, You, yes You. For no event, past or imagined is actually causing this self-mutilating behavior, its you beloved, it is always you. It is you who has the power to literally step outside of your train of thought, outside of what you think ought to be or should be and in that moment fully open up to what could be. Simultaneously, you realize a pattern, you’ve felt this way before, it may have been decorated with embellishments of another situation, but, yes, this quaking anxiety that sucks you into a maelstorm of endless worry has been deeply felt before.

And so you begin to realize that it is never really the situation, it is instead, the story line that you have attached as the undertone to “The Story.”  However, by stepping outside of this streamline of story telling, you gain a panoramic view of how things are in actuality unfolding. You momentarily become a silent observer to both inner and external happenings, you tease out that which is imagined or exaggerated and come to grips with that which is happening in real time. You cease to tear apart the nuances that you wish to change and open up fully to the present moment, for this is all that we have. And it is in “THE NOW” that we reclaim our power, to rest and abide in that which “Is”, not just some fabricated fantasy of what should be, but what truly “Is”. You see that there is no one to blame, not even yourself, for all is unfolding exactly how it should be, for if it wasn’t, then it simply wouldn’t be happening.

When you tune into the present, an amniotic tranquility encapsulates your soul and clarity of mind arises. A knowingness that the only thing that can be altered, will have to be done right here, right now, for if you desire a new and improved story-line , you, must move differently than you used to. You must intentionally do away with actions that no longer serve your highest good. For anxiety is like a temporary, often times prolonged blockage to the “true flow” of the soul. Anxiety can make us act out of fear instead of hopefulness and love. We are essentially fearing that something foreboding may happen, whilst, preparing for the worst. And once we align with that fear, with the assumption  a doomed future to come, we are preeminently cosigning for a story that we do not want to unfold.

Ah what a paradox, It is a self fulfilling prophecy, for we attract that which we are. If we align with anxiety and fear, we will unconsciously act out of anxiety and fear, thus concocting an outcome, riddled with traces of, yes, you guessed it, anxiety and fear. To navigate ambiguity seamlessly, we must channel all of the energy we are expending  worrying, into actively clearing our minds and opening our hearts to “The Now”. Upon cleaning out the endless abyss of your overactive mind, sweet serenity shall arise, you shall align with the positive vibrations for which you desire to manifest. And if it is meant to happen, it shall align with you. If not, this is OK too, for sometimes there are major plot-twists in this unknown story-line that have a way of pleasantly taking us by surprise…


~Serene Seraphim

© [Diamond Orso] and [], [2016-2017]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Diamond Orso] and [] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content