Sacred Convergence


Cosmic circuitry in seamless harmony with

Thyn highest version

Assuredly suspended amidst

a self-imposed sudden immersion

Ascendant levels irrevocably interface

As thyn essence is Intimately interlaced

Entwined with the divine on a transcendent excursion

Embers of thee embraced by the sudden convergence

Unquestionably a conciliatory spiritual submersion

Consciousness & Subconsciousness coalesced betwixt the grips of

An irreversible Cosmic conversion

The most sacred of collisions I could ever envision

An immersive escape, core frequency on display, can’t keep this energy at bay

Coursing through Thyn veins as an invaluable visceral inversion

embraced by a sudden emergence, indelibly embraced by the sacred convergence


Equation of Eternal Equanimity


I can sense the sentient pane freeze

Yet sight set on fluid seas

Riddled with no absolutes, nor guarantees

The future isn’t clear

Through the looking glass I peer

Shifting my intuition into full gear

The truth is made sheer

Guided in the space of THE NOWS atmosphere,

A timeless leap from there, to here

In the presence of the present, All doubts disappear

Devoid of fear, to thyn faith I doth adhere

Guided by the souls ancient history

It all starts with a silent inquiry

To discover the door to mystery

Close the eyes to see vividly

Subtle signs dwelleth in your periphery

Encoded are coherence patterns to decode interference patterns

thus setting the entirety of the soul free

Unlocking the encrypted equation of 

eternal equanimity to decrypt your destiny



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Entangled Extrication


The answers to your deeply perceived problems lie buried beneath the floorboards of the wounds that we embody. We must collapse into the chasm of our hurt so that we may further facilitate purification. Healing is a delicate dance of devotion between effortful surrender and effortless release, willfully cascading within the crevices of our very core, we tempt our soul selves into disentangling the tangled, tempering the charges that give timeless triggers their very life force, consequently allowing for resurrection and expansion to coalesce, subsequently reaching far beyond the bondage of narratives past, hovering in the harbors of our pain bodies, we inescapably soar above to higher heights, invoking for a coherence of ones inner space, reflected in outer space as a new and improved expression of thyn souls essence perennially painting on the horizon of our hearts sights, levitating atop the liquefying flow of life, we take flight, with love as our guiding light.





~Serene Seraphim

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