Silkened Eminence

Eminence is Silkened Amidst Serenity’s

Softening Ever-Presence

Levitating betwixt the Omniscient

Depths of a Luminescent Essence

Intoxicatingly Adrift along the Translucent

Scent of Ascent that Nary Dare Evanescence 

Silkened Eminence Elixir

Existing as the translucent scent of ascent, Silkened Eminence captures the distinct yet delicate essence of the divine. It is an exquisite symphony betwixt exotic notes of jasmine and velvety sandalwood. Infused with the intoxicatingly weightless fragrance of cashmere cotton musk, accompanied by the awakening aroma of calmative carnation.


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