Sacred Convergence


Cosmic circuitry in seamless harmony with

Thyn highest version

Assuredly suspended amidst

a self-imposed sudden immersion

Ascendant levels irrevocably interface

As thyn essence is Intimately interlaced

Entwined with the divine on a transcendent excursion

Embers of thee embraced by the sudden convergence

Unquestionably a conciliatory spiritual submersion

Consciousness & Subconsciousness coalesced betwixt the grips of

An irreversible Cosmic conversion

The most sacred of collisions I could ever envision

An immersive escape, core frequency on display, can’t keep this energy at bay

Coursing through Thyn veins as an invaluable visceral inversion

embraced by a sudden emergence, indelibly embraced by the sacred convergence


Interstellar Soul Travel through the Dimensions: The Perennial Power of Loving Intentions


 ~Love is the One thing we are capable of perceiving that Transcends Dimensions of Time & Space~

As thyn precious soul rests in futures time, one comes to consciously realize that we brought ourselves to this exact moment in time, being guided by subconscious subliminal signs, the bridge to the divine, co-creators that take quantum leaps through the bounds of time, quantum time travel that exists as supremely sublime, existing as infinite in space and time, a boundless being not confined by anything, interstellar communication through the dimensions, the unconscious creation of a celestial sacred space that discloses to thee the solace laden revelation, Ah that’s why ‘Im here” for love in its very essence can be quantified, for it is the key, for it gives underlying meaning to everything, in essence we code this love laden frequency, this divine data into each cosmic scene of interstellar interacting, the underlying theme, in the grand scheme of things, translating this timelessly transcendent love, like sunbeams, the most reverent revelation received, love as the explanation for our very reason for existing, our blessed reasoning for being.

Paving the way towards creating the dreamscapes we’ve all been silently envisioning, with love as the underlying stellar symphony, unified in an interstellar synchrony, incorporeally interlaced with infinity, ascending and transcending within the very fabric of eternity, for love giveth rise to a blessed life worth living, coalescing in a quantum unity, a heart warming cadence of love that is evermore conciliatory, basking in its ever endearing glory, an unremitting unfoldment of our sacred collective history, an antiquated holographic story, intending to become all that of which thy had been imploring, love as the reason we continue in unceasingly soaring, the sorrows of the world we continue in enduring, occasionally taking respite from the cares of the world evermore reassuring, yet we push forward simply because the very possibility of love is evermore rewarding.  

Dearest we exist as divine channels of love, the love that we exemplify and transmit in the here and now has the possibility of echoing out endlessly into the future planes of infinity, branching out ever so beautifully into multiple planes of reality, for you see, love is a multidimensional all encompassing force that eases our ever expansive soul, interconnecting us all back to divine source, to the union of the celestial collective whole, our destiny at stake whilst our free will under our complete control, the key is to break the mold, take responsibility to assure that the love that you embody is reflective of each and every choice that your blessed soul makes and in every chance that your gracious soul takes.

For there are interminable parallel planes of future lives ahead of us both individually and as a unified whole, assuring that love is the personification of our co-creations is the ultimate goal. For love is ultimately the one thing that we are capable of perceiving that transcends dimension of time and space, it is the quintessential reason for existence, the aspiration to ascend towards; love, love, and more love is universal, the role we play in this supremely sacred unfoldment is pivotal.

~Serenity Grace

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Equation of Eternal Equanimity


I can sense the sentient pane freeze

Yet sight set on fluid seas

Riddled with no absolutes, nor guarantees

The future isn’t clear

Through the looking glass I peer

Shifting my intuition into full gear

The truth is made sheer

Guided in the space of THE NOWS atmosphere,

A timeless leap from there, to here

In the presence of the present, All doubts disappear

Devoid of fear, to thyn faith I doth adhere

Guided by the souls ancient history

It all starts with a silent inquiry

To discover the door to mystery

Close the eyes to see vividly

Subtle signs dwelleth in your periphery

Encoded are coherence patterns to decode interference patterns

thus setting the entirety of the soul free

Unlocking the encrypted equation of 

eternal equanimity to decrypt your destiny



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~The Awakening: Nothing more than Everything~

The pathless path towards; samahdi, enlightenment, satori or whatever construct of contentment with unbeingness that you choose to prescribe to, does not lie outside of yourself. It lies deep within the gorges of the gateless gate that is your heart center, suspended at the very core of the ineffability of existence itself. This journey inward is not for the lighthearted nor the falsehearted. For it is a myriad of murky passageways that lead you to traverse through the entangled trenches of your suppressed; wounds, scars, pain, and comforting illusions all to lead you unto the timeless truth of the light. The light where all constructs collapse in the dawning of its illuminated wake.

It is a ceaselessly unfolding dance betwixt; luminosity and darkness where in which wisdom arises at dusk. It is an inhaling of finitude and an exhaling of infinitude all to return to the eternal now. It is an unraveling and a remolding of the sense of self. It is a senseless shattering of the heart all to allow for the pieces to be plastered back together in the most abstract of forms. It is an unlearning and a relearning all to come to the realization that you know nothing at all. It is a catalyst to submit to the unknowns comely call. It is surrender after surrender, an unceasing series of irreconcilable retractions and inconsolable contractions. The deepest form of surrender is the total eradication of the ego and the execution of the illusory sense of self. It is the total eclipse of the light heartedness of darkness. In essence, all coming full circle back to Nothing more than Everything.This is “The Awakening.”

~Serene Seraphim

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Flow with the Progressive Perfection of the Soul

~Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there~



Did you know that you are always moving in the right direction

Onwards and upwards towards the path of perfection

Guided by divine directives


For the flow of your soul knows which move you should make, which route to take

For there are no mistakes, all is orchestrated in an immaculately idyllic way

The ultimate game of gain, that shall never lead you astray


 All meant for your souls progression

For with every experience there is a lesson

As such all happenings invoke for the attainment of a higher perspective,

 my dearest everything in this beautiful life is a blessing

Refrain from inner Resistance and Repression, for this ultimately leads to the Souls regression


The key is inside, you have the power to emancipate your soul

In essence you are already whole

In finding yourself, you reach the ultimate goal

Moving with your souls natural state of flow

Steady as you go, knowing that with each step you take, you ultimately grow,

Manifesting heaven on earth and beyond, leaving an eternal essence upon our world with the flawless divine spark that is you, keeping the soul of the world aglow


Each and Every Soul is a Reflection of the Essence of God

An Essential Spark in the Eternal Flame of Existence

For your Incarnation was Intentional, Divinely Deliberate in Nature

We Each Willingly Chose to Embody the Essence of God in this Time Space Reality

To be; Experiencers, Observers, Catalysts, Pawns, Whichever your Heart Desires, Manifested by Immaculate Intent and We are All Perfect in Our Manifestation

We are all Playing Vital Roles, all here to Garner Multitudinous Perspectives as God Particles

We are Primordial Life Force Energy, Idiosyncratic in our Efforts, Here to Transcend Life Lessons, Which Echo out into Infinity as We Progressively and Perfectly Proceed in Progressing

All Connected Amid the very Same Conscious Continuum, and thus to our Unconscious Collective every Divine Spark is a Cherished Blessing



There is an Heir of Neutrality that Colors the Core of our Reality,

an Infallible Impartiality, Where there is in Essence the Existence of No Good Nor Bad

No Right Nor Wrong, For We are All Perfectly Orchestrated Pulsations of Rhythm Undulating at

Our Own Pace and In our Own Faultless Way, We are all Infallible in our Efforts, For We are Always Perpetually Moving Towards the Progressive Perfection of our Souls. We Must Know this, We Must Own this Truth so that We May Relinquish the Pressure We often Times Put on Ourselves and on Others

We Must Renounce any Unnecessary Suffering by Knowing that There are Indeed No Mistakes, Everything is Inevitably Unfolding in the most Idyllic Way, and thus the Very Manifestation of Suffering, We Create.

For Needless Suffering Ensues when one Rejects ones Current State of Being or Current Situation, When One Drowns in Endless Anxieties About the Past or Sinks into Incessant Worries about the Future to Come.

However, Liberation is Found in the Moment, Found When We Flow with the Now, When We Flow with What is, and Acceptance of All that Is Without Any Ounce of Judgment Nor Attachment



Once We Come to the Reverent Revelation that all People, all Situations, and all Circumstances are Flawless by Nature, We Release our Desire to Judge or Control the Happenings of our External World and Gain Control of Our Inner Worlds.

Which Provides a Golden Opportunity to Pry Open the Pathway Towards Perfection of Ones Own Soul, To Lead a Happy and Fulfilling Existence we must Refrain from Resistance, Refrain From Resisting our Souls Desires, For When We Flow Against the Current of Our Souls, We Create this Resistance within Ourselves Betwixt Ourselves and Ourselves.

However, there is a Loop Hole, to Flow with Ones Soul, One Must Make an Effort to Silence any Subverbal Chatter, to Become Intune with the Eb and Flow of Ones Inner Oceanic Insights, Allow For Your Heart to be Your GPS to be Your  Ultimate Guide, Becoming One with your Inner Light. If One Goes Against the Flow of their Soul in this Life, One Runs the Risk of Not Living at all, Yet Existing in Eternal Strife, Taking these Pains Etched on the Consciousness with You into the After Life. And So, Own Your Life, Flow With Your Soul, Live Like It Were Your Last Day On Earth, Love Like it Were Your Last Day On Earth, Evermore Liberate Your Soul so that Heaven May Be Yours In the After Life and Here on Earth.

~Serene Seraphim


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