Ephemeral Impermanence

The ephemeral essence of life fills my being with palpable

pain and ceaseless strife

Just as I am enraptured by the brevity of its brilliant beauty, I am burned by the

evanescent embers of its undoubtedly dying light

A flame that bears the illusion of burning ever so bright, while simultaneously

vanquishing from my very line of sight

Oh what a preciously perilous plight,

Here I rest and abide on the verge of existence, trembling amid the  suffocating clutch

of a dreadfully diminishing delight,

Impermanence, the invisible winds beneath a wingless bird that

irrevocably refuses to take flight

Fueled by the facade of a flame that never ignites, evermore a raging rejection of

existence that simply cannot be denied,

A walking corpse, shrouded in the fleeting facade

of being halfheartedly awake and alive

An eternal quarrel of the mind hinged upon a definitive demise, how ever can

life and death peaceably yet concurrently coincide?


~Serene Seraphim

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